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Find out how Fullfat used performance marketing, micro influencer marketing and growth hacking to help explode sales for Oddbox.



Performance Advertising

Micro Influencer Marketing



Oddbox are a wonky fruit and vegetable subscription service based in London.  They minimise food waste, plastic use and carbon emissions by delivering the wonky fruit and vegetables that supermarkets refuse to sell.

The problem:


After successfully gathering a base of customers through PR and crowdfunding, plus some sporadic marketing, Oddbox were in desperate need of a full channel marketing strategy to help them supercharge their subscriptions and maximise their marketing efforts across multiple channels.

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The solution:


Fullfat developed a multi-channel performance marketing strategy including advertising, micro influencer marketing, growth hacking and social outreach to identify the channels that best support their business goals.  After identifying the channels that drove the most subscriptions for the best cost, we began to optimise our budgets and resource to those methods.


We had separate strategies for acquisition both prospecting and remarketing, paid and non-paid, win back of churned customers and referrals.  The most successful tactic was micro influencer marketing, we identified, engaged, negotiated and planned posts from Instagram users with audiences between 3 – 100K.


For the price of sending one box per influencer, we were able to drive over 300 subscriptions!

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