Email Template Design

Email Template Design


What is email template design?


Even today, in the world of social media and direct messaging, email still has an important place. It is a direct way into people’s inboxes, uncluttered by distractions around it. Making sure your emails look great will help ensure your message is taken in by the people you are trying to reach, rather than sent to the trash.


Why is email template design important?


Email templates present an immediate visual window onto your brand. If what lands in someone’s inbox isn’t up to scratch then it’s going straight to junk.

  • It’s a great place to showcase your brand identity.
  • It’s an area uncluttered by other visual collateral, which would be the case on social media.
  • It is an area that is infinitely customisable and there are very few limits imposed on you design wise, unlike social media.


How can we help?


We are HTML5 natives and can whip up some of the most interactive email templates you’ve seen. When coupled with our copywriting skills, your emails will become an unstoppable force!

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