Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing


What is account based marketing?


ABM is a marketing strategy which consists of reaching out and marketing to businesses individually, treating them as a singular market.

This customer-centric approach greatly differs in tactic from other marketing initiatives such as inbound marketing, that may focus on gathering multiple leads while attempting to appeal to multiple of these.


Why is account based marketing important?


This strategy is focused towards B2B companies and is particularly beneficial for enterprise-level sales organisations with a high number of employees, as this means there is a high number of stakeholders involved in the sales process.

  • Facilitates Customer Acquisition – ABM eliminates the need to chase weak leads that present a time-consuming challenge. Instead, there is complete devotion, nurturing and personalisation to singular customers, therefore greatly reducing resource waste.
  • Improved results with a greater ROI – ROI is substantially higher for companies that utilise account-based marketing as their B2B marketing tactic.
  • Improved Engagement – With ABM, all communication will be optimised to speak directly and resonate with each particular audience.
  • Account-based marketing aims to recognize each stakeholder’s pain points and utilises its unique personal approach to address their challenges.


How can we help?


At Fullfat we have developed account-based marketing strategies to help drive lead generation and business for large ticket wins.  We use a combination of ABM, inbound marketing and marketing automation to create sustainable, predictable and successful campaigns.