App Advertising

App Advertising


What is app advertising?


Advertising will likely be the first place that users will hear about your app.

App advertising is also the only way to efficiently scale your growth and reach the widest audiences, especially when implementing a performance marketing strategy.

Even after users have downloaded your app, advertising will become an important strategy to retaining the users who have installed your app.


Why is a advertising for apps important?


With more and more apps released onto the App Store and Play Store every day, as well as efficiencies in app development, it has now become evident that it is no longer a great idea or app design that makes a successful app nowadays.


How can we help?


Whether it’s increasing app awareness, driving app installs or retaining existing users, fullfat has your app marketing strategy covered!

We have been working with apps for over 5 years including global acquisition strategies for Pokémon Go, Clash Roayle & Netflix as well as a whole variety of startup apps.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you scale your app with advertising.