Email Marketing

Email Marketing


What is email marketing?


Email marketing involves the delivery of email to current, previous or prospective customers in order to both develop and enhance a relationship as well as promote a product or service.


By promoting a relationship between the vendor and the customer, there is an increase in loyalty which can lead to repeat business.


Contrary to social media marketing, email messages are more dynamic and allow for a wider use of formatting.  This includes design elements such as layout, images, colours and copy.


Why is email marketing important?


Email marketing is still a highly effective channel for all types of companies and makes up part of the core strategy for eCommerce and via inbound marketing for B2b.

Email marketing is important because good clean email data is owned and comes with consent from the customer or prospect – that means they want you to communicate with them.

With email marketing, targeting different audiences or single individuals becomes easier than other methods of online marketing.

This offers the advantage to send personalised emails that have a greater success rate.

For instance, the ability to send a birthday email to customers with an exclusive offer, in turn, can prompt customers to make an immediate purchase.

If you want to do a similar personalised approach but don’t have their consent to email, then we’d recommend you check out account-based marketing.

Part of the core strategy is to make sure your email data is GDPR and PECR compliant, so rather than trying to have as much data as possible by volume, we strive to have the best data possible

This will lead to a higher conversion rate and increase LTV (lifetime value) per customer.

For this reason, it is fundamental to develop your own organic email list via a permission-based strategy rather than purchasing email lists.

Moreover, 50% of emails are opened and read on mobile devices which means it is essential to optimise your campaigns for mobile usage.

How can we help?


At Fullfat we combine many years worth of email marketing experience with fantastic creative and email template design to make sure your emails stand out with an increase conversion rate.

We have put together a blog post highlighting our top 5 email marketing tips you can implement today, read it here.