Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit


What is a marketing audit?


Marketing audits are a tool used to find out what your customer actually wants, so your marketing strategy can be optimised accordingly.


A marketing audit will go through your current strategy thoroughly to find out what strengths and weaknesses it possesses.


Once the audit has been completed you will have greater insight into how your website, contentSEO and social media can be performing better.


What will a marketing audit include?


Marketing audits can range from tactical analysis to a full-scale audit of your brand’s marketing strategy and execution across every channel.


  • Branding – what are people saying about your brand, is it what you are aiming for with your message?
  • What are your reviews and customer ratings?
  • SEO – do you rank well for SEO? Is this organic or paid for?
  • Do you have high click-through rates and conversions?
  • Website – Is your website user-friendly and easy to navigate? Is the page speed high or slow?
  • Social media – do you get lots of engagement and are you considered an industry influence?
  • Offline – how many referrals do you get? Do you get any press coverage or have any speaking engagements?
  • Competitive analysis – What market share do they possess? What’re the brands reach and customer perception?


How can we help?


Being as thorough as possible will give you a clearer picture of your business and competitors. A quality marketing audit, which is what we pride ourselves on at doing at Fullfat, can give you the edge in the marketplace and who wouldn’t want that!?