Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation


What is marketing automation?


This tactic involves the use of software to automate certain marketing actions.

For instance, you can engage with prospects who have visited your site and turn them into warm leads, at scale.

This can be in the form of chatbots or automating Linkedin messages or sending out emails to nurture the leads with content that suits their interests.

Even after a sale has been made, automation will continue to prove helpful as it can turn a customer into a returning customer who is loyal to your brand.

Automation of marketing is normally combined with inbound marketing, growth hacking or lead generation to maximise conversions or sales.


Why is a marketing automation important?


Companies of all sizes and industries benefit from the use of marketing automation!

While the early adaptors of this tactic were B2B companies, the method is now popular in B2C companies as well.

By automating daily tasks you can find & nurture leads or engage with customers at scale.

By automating you also track every interaction, this ensures to deliver the correct message to each customer in order to increase relevancy and improve ROI.

How can we help?


At Fullfat we develop unique automation stacks for every client.

Depending on your goals, timelines and resource we can work out the best way to automate certain marketing elements to help your business grow.

This will not only help you find leads but turn those leads into customers.