Micro Influencer Marketing

Micro Influencer Marketing


What is micro influencer marketing?


Micro influencer marketing is a strategy gaining a lot of traction for brand marketing managers.

It’s important to understand that targeting day to day consumers can have a much bigger impact when compared to glamourised, less realistic influencers.

Ever seen a celebrity promoting a product? Well, that isn’t micro influencer marketing.

It is the same concept but using more realistic people – real mums, real health professionals, real makeup artists.


Why is a micro influencer marketing important?


Brands can work with these micro influencers, knowing they have MORE influence over their followers.

Along with being more affordable, micro influencers are known to have a more targeted audience and a stronger relationship with them.

This means you can reach the same number of people who you actually want to target, for a fraction of the price.

It will also make your brand more relevant to the audiences you are targeting, we wouldn’t want another Listerine incident –¬†Influencer featured in ‘ridiculous’ Listerine ad condemns ‘nasty’ response.


How can we help?


Collaborating with a micro influencer allows your brand to be promoted through a more authentic medium, amongst highly targeted and engaged followers.

At Fullfat we can source, negotiate and plan campaigns with micro influencers from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

We can manage your campaign from start to finish, including all of the social creative to make sure your campaign is a success.