Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising


What is outdoor advertising?


Out-of-home or OOH advertising is a type of advertising that takes place outside of consumers’ homes or personal devices.  This can include billboards, taxis, trains or buses.


Why is outdoor advertising important?


This format is a catalyst for brand building as it allows companies to reach a large audience and audience are more likely to recall your brand.

Although OOH is important, it should never be a company’s sole focus and we would always combine it with digital as part of an overall marketing strategy.

There are now many strategies that combine outdoor and digital to target the same consumers through highly targeted advertising.

Many startup marketing strategies do not include outdoor, but could, there is a common misconception that outdoor would be out of budget for many companies.


How can we help?


At Fullfat, not only can we plan and book your out of home but also develop all of the outdoor creative formats you need.

This creates efficiencies and you no longer need to deal with 2 separate companies to do a single job – let us handle the whole lot so you can focus on enjoying the placements once they’re live.