Paid Search

Paid Search


What is paid search?


Paid search has become increasingly popular and important for many types of businesses.

It allows companies to advertise in the sponsored listings part of a search engine such as Google or Bing.

For example, when a user “Google’s” a product, a company could have their listing show up first in the sponsored section on the results page.

Having your company appear at the top of the results page allows for visibility and more people seeing your ad.

This will increase the chance of a click-through & conversion.


Why is a paid search important?


It’s become increasingly important to run SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns as it allows you to test, track and measure the effectiveness of your advertising.

This will result in quick conversion rate optimisation tactics and as a result higher ROI.


As your search ads will link to your website via a specific search query, it’s important to make sure the landing page matches the criteria that the person has searched for.


How can we help?


We have been responsible for managing millions of pounds worth of SEM ads.

We develop a holistic performance marketing strategy that involves search advertising as one of the core tactics in driving conversions.

If you have a product or service that people search for, then you need to be running advertising on these searches.

Get in touch now to discuss your paid search strategy and find out how we can help your business increase conversions or sales.