Startup Marketing Strategy

Startup Marketing Strategy


How is a marketing strategy for a startup different?


Creating a marketing strategy for startups requires an agile approach that is flexible and optimises towards performance.

We understand that it can feel like a daunting process because of the following –


  • You may have limited budgets
  • You have limited or no resource


When we develop marketing strategies for startups we also start from scratch and think multi-channel.

You need to be smart in how you allocate not only budgets but also the skillset you have around you.

We want to try a bit of everything and then optimise our time and money towards what works.

This fool-proof strategy allows you to stay agile and drive better results, faster.


How can we help?


Depending on your business, our marketing strategies for startups could include but not limited to social and search advertisingemail marketingmarketing automation, growth hacking (read our blog post about 3 growth hacking tactics you can try today), or influencer marketing.

We are unique in that we can either work with your internal resource to execute on the marketing strategy, execute the strategy ourselves or even help you build the best marketing function that works for your startup.