Technical SEO

Technical SEO


What is technical SEO?


Technical SEO is any SEO work that isn’t the actual content of the site itself.

The technical side of SEO provides the base for your content so it has the best possible chance to rank highly for keywords and phrases that apply to your business.


Why is technical SEO important?


It plays a big part in any SEO strategy and forms an element of an overall website audit.

You can’t build a house without strong foundations, in this case, it is the technical side of SEO that’s the foundation.

There are many things to look out for to make sure you receive a great technical SEO score, including:


  • How fast is your site’s loading speed? If the answer is higher than 5 seconds, then visitors to your site are likely to leave. If a lot of people are leaving your site quickly then Google will not reward your site with higher rankings.
  • How mobile friendly is your site? With the growth in smartphone use, it has become critical to ensure your site is mobile optimised.
  • Make sure the load speed is fast
  • Don’t cross-link to desktop sites
  • Have the correct redirects
  • Have the correct images and text size
  • Make sure videos play if you have them.
  • Have a clear and simple site architecture. This will make it easier for search engines to find your site and any updates you do on your site. Therefore, you can get indexed and ranked faster.
  • Don’t duplicate your content. This is negative for search engines and will affect your rankings. If you get your technical SEO right your site will be primed for success when it comes to your content.


How can we help?


We will audit your website for technical SEO and work to improve your websites SEO score in order to achieve higher rankings.

We can either work with your own developers or handle the execution ourselves.

We can then follow up with recommendations for on-going SEO to continue to improve your sites SEO performance and help you rank quicker!